About me

The more I talk with other people, friends and family about health, I realise that I am not the only one who's health journey has been a roller coaster! For the biggest part of my life I thought that digestive issues, menstrual problems from cramps to PCOS, acne, yeast infections, fatigue, highs + lows, headaches, sleep problems, anxiety and mood swings...just to name a few...were all normal and a part of life!

That was up until about 5 years ago, when I hit rock bottom! My body had enough and it was screaming for help! I was experiencing extreme dizzy attacks that sent my senses in overdrive and me running to the bathroom! I was constantly dizzy and nauseas. I couldn’t go out to crowded places or restaurants at the fear of it triggering another attack. And as if that wasn’t enough to deal with, I started breaking out with the worst adult acne! I was a complete mess! 


So here is the kicker…I saw every doctor and specialist you can imagine, did all sorts of tests and scans, and you guessed it, they all said my test results came back normal and I was completely healthy!!! 


I felt lost, helpless and frustrated. Like my body has betrayed me. Like I was at war with myself!


It was then that I realised that doctors don’t always have the answers and that medicine isn’t always the cure.

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As a Holistic Health Coach I want to empower you to become an expert on yourself! 


I want to help you uncover the cause of symptoms and offer support and guidance so you can heal and make lasting food and lifestyle changes.


I want you to have the health, happiness and life you truly love and deserve!

Becoming a Health Coach


...And so began my journey of self healing and the reason why I enrolled with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). I wanted to learn and understand health, nutrition and how the body works. More importantly, I wanted to learn how to heal myself and be able to help so many others who are feeling lost and not getting the support and answers they so desperately need.


One of the most important things I’ve learnt is that being healthy is not just about the food on your plate. Food is medicine but so is having a healthy balanced lifestyle which includes having good relationships, having joy in your life, doing what you love, being active, spending more time outdoors, and having a spiritual practice…

Looking back, things make a lot more sense now! I have a much better understanding of how certain experiences, lifestyle habits and food choices played a major role in how I felt and looked for so many years.

Image by Adrien King

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach accredited through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

with an Advanced Certification in Hormone Health

It was around about the time I graduated from my Health Coaching Course when I first started noticing a bump on my chest...

Nothing can prepare you for the day you're diagnosed with cancer and yet, as daunting and unexpected as the news was, a sense of calm came over me as I felt like everything in my life has prepared me for this moment and the life changing transformation that was lying ahead.

As a fresh graduate, the wealth of knowledge I've just learnt was still very clear in my head.

My thoughts kept reminding me over and over... 

“The body is capable of healing itself. Treat the cause not the symptom. Food is medicine!”

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