Mila Hyman's Photography captures mouthwatering feasts and celebrates food... Hence the name 'MAKITI' which means Feast or Celebration in Afrikaans

First of all, welcome to my little space on the "World Wide Web!"...thank you for dropping in!


My photography journey started many years ago when we still used film and developed photos in the dark room! Fast forward to the present, I’ve photographed everything from weddings, fashion, travel, families and babies, to horses. My love for photography amplified when I started shooting food and, needless to say, the rest was history. 

When people ask me why I love food photography so much, I love to joke and say:

‘Cos food doesn’t talk back! :) 

Well, the truth is, these days food’s voice couldn’t be any louder! It is everywhere we look, everywhere we go, and all over social media. Of course, this raises a challenge for myself, as a Food Photographer, and the F&B industry, as there is an abundance of competitors, dining options, food bloggers, critics, and the list goes on...


Having a background in Design and Media Production has provided me with in-depth experience in the Visual Branding and Advertising Industry...and way too many years geeking out behind a computer! I'm passionate about working with brands to create engaging and mouthwatering images which conveys their concept, values and guidelines.  


Capturing the true essence of a dish, the care and detail that's gone into preparing it, the beautiful ingredients that's been used and, most importantly, how much we enjoy eating it! These days the life span of a photo is so short it’s vital that it speaks volumes!

I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to capture delicious dishes, work with talented people, getting creative with styling and creating recipes, and of course, to inspire others to appreciate good food made with love!

Feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions about me or my work.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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